Quadra Paint Out not happening 2018 but stay tuned for 2019!

Sorry folks. I started the Quadra Island Paint out 15 years ago as part of the International Plein Air Painters Great Worldwide Paint Out as part of my business, Firesign Art and Design Studio and B&B.  We have had different turnout each year and different weather of course, but it has always been fun to paint with others on beautiful Quadra Island. This year I am living in Campbell River and working a full time job for a while, so I can’t host it. So far no one has stepped up to take my place so I guess no paint out this year. It looks like 2019 may be better than ever! so stay tuned…

Happy painting everyone! Thanks to Lois and the Heriot Bay Inn!

Artist Reception 2017
Reception at Herons, Heriot Bay Inn